Thursday, July 19, 2007

God for Halloween

Some Christians have a bit of an aversion to Halloween, some passionately so. After all, it did originate as a pagan holiday celebrating a time of the year when spirits make contact with the physical world. But its been a long time since we have observed this holiday with any type of religious conviction. Much like Christmas has lost its true meaning in a country rampant with commercialism and consumerism, Halloween has become not much more than a big dress-up day. And I love it!

Our household, Christians though we are, has decided to participate on October 31st by dressing up and joining others in our church for various festivities. As a mother, I have so much fun sewing, painting and creating my children's costumes (as cheaply as possible). My first endeavor was when my daughter was about 17 months and she was Princess Leia. That costume left much to be desired. She looked more like a ghost than Leia! The following years she dressed as Dorothy (my favorite so far), a ballerina, and a clown. We have a strict rule: NO PRINCESSES! Ever since the clown make-up came off, she has been debating about what to be next year.

Last night in our car on the way home from church Jenna began for the umpteenth time to talk through her ideas for Halloween. I suggested she be a fairy or better yet an angel. She loved that idea. But that idea sparked the greatest idea of all. "Mom, I could be God for Halloween!" Can you imagine? I couldn't hold my laughter in. God for Halloween! What would that even look like? Leave it to a five year-old to picture herself as God!

Well, that was supposed to be the ending of this post, but I feel I should briefly mention my son. He has been a cowboy and an Oreo cookie. Yes, I said Oreo cookie. And he totally pulled it off!

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