Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keeping up with Mister

I have decided to start a post to which I will add as my dearest 4, almost 5 year old son says little funnies. Get ready for some funny snipets...!

1/26/10: "Mama, did you know that when your back is hurt it means that the bone that goes up fell down? That means its sore."

1/12/10: I was trying to describe to Owen the difference between fat and muscle...a conversation he initiated, by the way. I showed him my bicep when it was flexed and had him touch it, then grabbed the underneath hanging fatty portion and let him feel that. He exclaimed, "Mama, you've been eating McDonald's!"

1/12/10: While playing a round of Go Fish, Owen got the card he wanted and immediately said, "Praise the Lord." And, of course, we don't play Go Fish, we play Gold Fish. Speaking of which, do you ever just try so hard to let your kid win and it just seems that the odds are stacked against you?

12/09: I don't remember exactly when he said this, but couldn't resist. On my growing tummy in the 2nd trimester of my 3rd pregnancy Owen said, "Mommy, you're turning big fat!"

10/09: After being told that I was pregnant, Owen was quite protective. I came down with a wretched cold accompanied by a long-lasting cough. I coughed one day and he said, "Don't cough, mommy, you're going to hurt the baby!"

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